Friday, October 25, 2013

October has kept me quiet. Finally a New Post

Holy moly. I have not written a post since the end of September. October has really kept me busy. Grad School is taking over a lot of my time, as well as keeping up with the attention spans of Kindergartners. I love all the change of themes in Kindegarten. It makes my job a little busier to create apple centers, pumpkin centers, bat poems and you get the idea. I wouldn't change my job for the world, but it does keep me busy. Here is a look into what has been happening!

We shared our writing from our first unit in Lucy Calkins. I have some super writers; I am very proud. 

In my classroom Fire Safety Week is a blast because my husband is a fire fighter. I had to some slight begging, but it was worth it... We had a visitor! 

I really enjoyed having him meet the kiddos I talk about everyday. 

We also made our K-9 Unit hats! 

I have recently decided that math centers would be the best use of our class time. They have gone off like a hit! I am extremely thankful to my math coach who helped create many of the activities. Here is a quick look into some of them... 

Here is draw a number and put that many counters next to it. Really creative name ;) 

I love these games from TJMax and Marshall's! It's quick and easy. 

Who doesn't love Tanagrams!!! 

Patterns galore. Now I need to add AB information, but we are getting there! 

These were a couple games I got for free from a retired kindergarten teacher when I taught second grade... I thought when will I ever use these?? Well now I can!! They are wonderful. My hoarder self is glad I keep everything. 

These are a great idea from our math coach... Put numbers and ten frames in order! 

Here is how it looks all together... It's a great way to help with ways to 10
During calendar time we count days in ten frames... We discuss how many dots our in our ten frame and find that number on our strip. We then determine what color it is and find it's matching color! That is how many more days we need till 10 or 0 The Hero comes!! It is amazing. 

Bats have been a theme in our classroom this October. The Reading Rainbow about bats was a great way to have my kids learn about bats. 
Here is my new bulletin board! I am obsessed with how it turned out. Our labeled bats are on display. 

And of course we need some cute bat craft and writing! 

This is about it for all... I am ready for three weekends out of town and four PD days coming up. It will be a crazy month. Say a prayer for me. 

Natalie Gragnani

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