Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday Season to January

As a child I loved October, November, and December in the classroom. These months were full of themes that revolved around fantastic holidays! I also attended a parochial school which gave a lot more leeway in the art of celebrating. As a teacher I now realize how much planning went into these intensive monthly holiday themes (not including money spent). When I decided to start blogging... I couldn't imagine how busy my life would become this October - January. I didn't want to have a started blog and no finish. I am aware no blog is ever finished technically, but I didn't want it to look like I just gave up. Well when life comes full speed, some things must be put on the back burner.

I found the time to blog today because tomorrow is now my districts 3rd snow day of the school year. Usually we haven't seen 1 by this time. I currently love the time off. It has helped with my personal New Year's Resolutions (throw away all the sh... junk in my house). When June comes around and I am teaching, not summer school, but the 2013-2014 school year... oh I am not going to be a happy camper. But it is exciting to finally have one of the cozy snowed in days ( I only wish my husband was not at work ).

Now that is it January... I first started thinking about how TERRIBLE the second half of the school year is. There are no BIG holidays, scarce breaks, and it is just so darn cold (indoor recess). Now I remember how wonderful the second half can be! It slowly slowly starts to get warmer and the days longer... Progress with your students is incredible... Routine is nice and consistent without ALL the hustle bustle of the holidays... Spring theme units are a joy to look forward too... and then SUMMER is in sight.

This school year has been the best I have seen yet in my career. Well yes I only have 2 other years to compare it to and neither were the same grade or district, but that is beside the point. It is obvious that I am happy even though very stressed. I am only stressed because I am finishing up grad school this year, started selling Mary Kay, and want to do the best job for my little kindergartners!! I have a little rowdy class, but man I wouldn't trade them for anything. I have had a couple students leave and some students come... I will never forget any of them!

Below are a couple photos from our classroom adventures in November and December (when I was MIA)

I am obsessed with "Write The Room" activities... This is from Kindergarten Smiles Bats packet. It is a 10 frame hunt Halloween style.
Then came Halloween... We have a parade and a party!
My Kindergarten Hallway Team
The Kiddos!
Our amazing party planned by a great number of my parents.
I was blessed for my first elementary party.
(I was not allowed to have any last year... and none in middle school ha)

Beginning of November was the Kindergarten Grandparent's Day performance... It was a cute camping, woods themed singing with motions extravaganza. First we had a breakfast...

For Thanksgiving I was adventurous and had a FEAST! I will post about our wonderful feast at a different time. I was pretty impressed with our costumes and food... since I had been very sick during November (took 2 sick days) and had 3 Professional Development days.. I give all my credit to my teaching pal next door in Room 24!
In December we had a day of 70 degrees.. In St. Louis this is not too uncommon to have a random hot day surrounded by days of 20 degrees.
But we decided to have popsicles and play at an extra recess!

We also had a snow day during the 2nd week of December... probably a couple days after the warm 70 degree day (St. Louis for you!) This snow day was suppose to be PJ Day!! It was rescheduled for the following Friday. This day was wonderful. We moved all the tables to the sides of the classroom and we were allowed to bring in pillows, blankets and stuffed animals... all for a movie afternoon. We watched Arthur's Perfect Christmas!  I am not going to lie... this is one of my favorite holiday movies. It explains the different traditions of the various winter holidays through everyone's favorite characters! Thanks to AMAZON Prime Instant Video.

I am tired and want to feel accomplished...
This is the end of this post. I will have a Holiday Season to January Part 2 (maybe tomorrow, but doubtful) to discuss Thanksgiving and our Winter "Christmas" party.
Everyone stay warm and safe!

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