Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Tour 2013-2014: Kindergarten!

Sunny in Kindergarten: Classroom Tour
Now I want to start off by explaining that my classroom is almost finished and an important piece (LARGE Mailboxes) was finished being painted today, so it is out of the room. I also want to point out that a small amount of these pictures were taken the last couple of weeks and are not the updated product! This is also what has been put together for a couple weeks without much forward though; I have not taught Kindergarten before and would definitely rearrange a couple areas next years.
Left: Numbers & Ten Frames     Right: Word Wall

Sight Word Line Leaders! (My favorite creations from my cricut.. plan is to change them monthly)

Student Cubbies & Book Boxes (Not sure how the book boxes at the bottom of cubby will work?!)
BUT I am willing to try because I am out of space...

My Welcome Banner

Table Arrangements for Open House
Each table is a different color: Green, Pink, Purple, Blue
My G.O. Binders are spotted here along with "My Future Is So Bright I Have to Wear Shades" from Second Grade Shenanigans 

LOVING My Super Improvers "Wall" or Really Front of Desk.

Had to share my lovely new carpet from my school.... MORNING MEETING Time

I love my library organization.... But am sad this is an old picture without my labels.
Purple: Leveled Books (Nonfiction&Fiction)
Blue: Characters & Favorite Authors
Green: Themes
Pink: Nonfiction
Example of my labels...
Obsessed with these I created using some of the free resources floating around...
(the letters from Swimming Into Second Grade)
I wanted my Kinders to easily be able to identify the difference between Nonfiction & Fiction;
This is how Pete The Cat and Sally the cat became Book Bin Labels!

Obsessed with my Dry Erase DOTS

 Sight Word Ice Cream Fun... How big will your sundae be?

A little bit of my calendar time shows here... My plan is to have the students sit at another carpet I have in my room (from DONORSCHOOSE!) and work with the physical items and move slowly to their binder and Smart Board interactions. {Also my rocking chair is short & perfect}

There is so much more I would love to share of my room.... I just ran out of school this evening and forgot about all the other areas that would interest bloggers... oh boo! I will update classroom pictures throughout the school year.  

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