Sunday, September 1, 2013

Five for Friday on Sunday

Time for my first five for Friday.. even though it is Sunday. This sure does explain how tired I still am after 2 weeks of teaching in my new grade Kindergarten!
Now for the sad part, I realized I do not take enough pictures of the happenings in my classroom. That is my goal for next week (even if we are testing all week long!).
I am starting with my end of the week... Pedicure.
My feet hurt so bad and this women was heaven. It might need to be a weekly tradition.
This week marked Grad School. I am on my last year (4 more classes!). I am very proud of myself for sticking with this and finishing a year after all my Grad School "friends". Wedding and Wedding saving got in the way of summer class, but I am almost there. Wish me luck on my Psychology class.
This was last week, but my picture of YELLOW is on my classroom picture. We have been learning how to spell and read our "color" words. It is so much fun. There are a lot of YouTube songs to sing for each color word and my school also has the Heidi Songs. Each color receives 2 school days and on the first day it is dress up time! I have loved how into this dressing up my students have gotten. Here is one of my favorite Orange day outfits...
This week also marked the time I put up my wedding pictures on Facebook. Now I know you must be thinking "I don't need to see all your wedding photos". BUT I must offer them up for all my family and family friends who do want to see them. It is also SO much easier to show people at work or at grad school (if they ask) when I can just pull up a Facebook album. Here is a favorite!
Lastly room 25 is hopefully getting a classroom pet.. Thanks to Pets In The Classroom for giving some relief on the financial side, but my husband went a little overboard on his care. Which I do think his care is important, so I guess it is in "Herald's" best interest.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


  1. I eagerly await your posts as my granddaughter is in your class this year. She is having a great time so far and I hope it continues on this way. She is an eager learner and says school makes her feel important. She was also your "orange" model in this newsletter.

  2. I am loving having your granddaughter in my class. I hope she continues to feel important!

  3. I can't wait to hear about the adventures of the class pet!