Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 Things I Learned from Teaching

1. There is never such a thing as too many BOOKS.

2. To go along with #1... the same goes for Pencils, Glue, Tape, Crayons & Ect.

3. Ms. is the same to children as Mrs., Miss, and sometimes Mr. A prefix doesn't matter to 7 year olds.

4. A teacher is never fully "prepared" for what might come next. Road bumps are a daily occurrence and teachers deal with them gracefully.

5. My classroom will never be 'Perfect' or complete ... no matter how many compliments it may receive. There is always something I wanted to do and couldn't get to or I didn't have space for something. {This year I got lucky with a decent size room, but I still can't create the "areas" I want.}

6. Being patient as a teacher is different than being patient as an aunt, nanny, or customer at store with yelling kids! There are usually 20 other students needing your assistance or attention, so your patience is stretched ....

7. #6 leads me to... Multitasking! I have never been able to accomplish so many tasks during a day than since I have been a teacher. Holy Moly. 21+ students needing your assistance or attention can lead to a plethora  of simultaneous tasks.

8. Even those behaviorally challenged students get deep inside my heart. {I usually miss them more at the end of the year}

9. My job is literally never done for the day and it begins the moment I wake up... Even during the summer!

10. I honestly couldn't have any other job I would physically and emotionally be exhausted from but love so much.


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