Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord 7-21

Tomorrow is my 1 month anniversary! It seems so small in terms of our 9 year crazy relationship. This week we finally received another preview of our wedding photos. Bliss Eleven Studios did a spectacular job and I cannot wait to use her for other "big" milestones coming up in my life.

This photo is wonderful! I had to share it...
These photos show Joe and I's relationship the best!
My first Teachers Pay Teachers product! It is editable.. I am trying to figure this whole blogging/teacherspayteachers thing. I am in the processes of making Chalkboard Dolch Word Wall Words. I was looking for some small word wall words and couldn't find any... so I am creating my own and thought why don't I put it on Teachers Pay Teachers to help others. Stop by: Sunny In Kindergarten

Now on to some teaching randomness this Sunday. I am staring at this daunting amount of work and yet what am I doing...?? Reading blogs and creating a post! I need to finish labeling my classroom library, so I can just take them all to my classroom and switch out themes and categories as I need. It just takes forever and I will be honest I am still deciding on some of the "themes" that will be represented for my fiction books.

My husband should be happy I contained it to one wall.
This past week I also had ALOT of help in my classroom. Thanks to my family I am on my way to being ready for the first day of school. {But wait who is ever ready...}

Lastly.... How do I have so many pencils? I might actually have too many

This is only 1 drawer of 3...
Until tomorrow!


  1. Your room is looking cute! We're rug buddies :) Good luck with your first year in K!

  2. I laughed when I saw your pencils because my kids get maybe a quarter of the way through and the eraser is gone...which means they don't want the pencil. I've got a bin just for those. Good luck with the room. And you're right, you are never really ready for school.

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  3. I laughed when I saw all your pencils! Have you seen that new pencil sharpener that everyone is talking about? You need one! Ha!