Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Color The Alphabet

I am creating an exciting batch of Alphabet "Animals" (some letters just cannot be represented by an animal easily therefore they are objects) to color the beginning of the school year when letters are introduced. I got this idea from a former colleague; who found it through Pinterest. Here is the original link... It is awesome! A book is given to "explore" each letter and besides a coloring page it describes a craft to create each letter.

I wanted to get a head start since this is my first year in Kindergarten and I am not sure what all to expect. Planning is difficult in a new school district and new grade. I am planning on implementing Daily 5 and was hoping to integrate these Alphabet "Animals" into the writing center. {The students would color the "Animal" and write A is for Alligator} Only 1 other Kindergarten Classroom (out of 8) is using Daily 5 during their reading instruction block. I tried my version of Daily 5 last year in 2nd grade, but am hoping to use it with fidelity this year.

I am thinking I might scan in a copy of the Capital Letters and place them on Teachers Pay Teachers as a freebie!  Let me know what you think.. I am in the processes and going over each with permanent marker and creating Lower Case Letter.


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  1. These are so cute! Great work!